Statement from the Board: "We, the Board, fully work towards and support the aims of the charity and its corresponding work. We ensure that we have relevant policies and procedures in place to maintain the integrity of the organisation and the well-being of participants and staff. We work within our financial means to protect the longevity of the organisation and the public benefit it provides."

Board of Directors

CHAIR - Philip
Philip joined the A.R.T.s committee in 2014 and for the last 3 years has taken on the role of Chair.
Philips background is in Electronics where, since graduating from Napier in Edinburgh, he has worked across a variety of technologies from small start ups to large multinationals. Experience that has helped him develop skills in problem solving, project planning and also working with teams of mixed disciplines. Initially he was asked to join the comittee to help with any technical queries during performances but also because of his regular attendance at live music events covering a broad spectrum of genres (string quartets to black metal).
Since joining the Comittee Philip has attended and helped at a number of events - fund raising performance evenings and the Edinburgh torchlight parade as well as attending training on Child Protection Policy.
If he is not here... he is probably on his bike.
Helen lives in South Lanarkshire and works with a social care organisation in Edinburgh . She has previous experience of working with young people at Arts Afternoon and also as a Sports Coach for Lanark Tennis Club and South Lanarkshire Leisure. Her two wonderful children keep her entertained, while also using her as a taxi service. Her interests are music,photography and film. Over the years Helen has helped with events and residentials and more recently been involved with Pulse of the Place. Helen says, "I have always felt welcome and included and am proud to be a part of this organisation". Olya has had an association with A.R.Ts since 2017, her work as with Hand Up Events as an Events Co-ordinator will expertise to the board and be of huge benefit to Pulse of the Place who are performing band. Olya has a energetic and hands on interest in events and creative projects, especially those of community interest and value. It has been her passion for over 10 years. Olya is currently a social work student with keen interest in social justice and mental health.
The initial suggestion of taking Pulse of the Place to New York to take part in the Tartan Day Parade with World Fair Trade Tartan came from Olya. She knows Pulse of the Place's work very well
Sarah first joined A.R.Ts Afternoon's drama and craft clubs when she was in P3. She was a regular member of clubs until she left school, taking in part in many shows and events. She recently re-connected with A.R.Ts Afternoon being part of the staff team that supported the young people from Pulse of the Place on their trip to New York and her support was invaluable.
Sarah now works as a principal teacher, with an interest in supporting young people to reach their full potential across all areas of the curriculum. She hasa background in a variety of music projects - from orchestras to Pulse of the Place. Sarah will be taking on the role of Line Managing our Lead Worker Rohan, which sort of completes a circle as Rohan worked with Sarah when she first joined A.R.Ts Afternoon.
Sandra has been both immersed in and spectated upon a wide spectrum of areas in the arts for many years thanks to her daughter who both worked and enjoyed exploring experiences within the arts. Through being a parent and grandparent to a member in the band and being a volunteer has allowed Sandra to have a substantial amount of hands-on experience with young people and has supported the charity on many occasions including residentials where she took on a significant role with the young people. Sandra felt she learned how to best support young people in many situations of need, learning that with the correct support and a safe environment young people can thrive in many ways including most notably self confidence. It is for these reasons that she would like to continue to support the young people that attend A.R.Ts Afternoon The expressive arts have been a big part of life for Jenny ever since she was a child, coming from a music/art loving family. She sang and played classical guitar in high school. Jenny took her arts creativity into different professional childcare roles. Jenny has worked in a variety of childcare roles over the years, including work in Nurseries and as a Nanny, caring for children of all ages, and from different backgrounds, including those in foster care. Over the last 13 years, Jenny has needed to remain at home with her daughter, as she has suffered significantly with anxiety issues and has required full-time care. Jenny recently completed an accredited course in Child Mental Health.
Jenny believes wholeheartedly that all young people should be given equal access to opportunities within the arts, both in educational settings and out with, that help them thrive and feel valued with no exceptions. Bringing young people together to be a part of a creative, inclusive, emotionally and socially supportive environment, especially those who may not have this support in their lives otherwise, is an incredibly valuable endeavour.